Raid hours example

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 If you wish to join any of the progression raid team even as a fill in or wish to join a casual team please email a detailed time schedule (based on server time PST) of when you are available. We also have small Mythic dungeon teams. Ideally put the days/hours you can committ to. If a raid team runs 7pm - 10pm and you put your hours as only that and subsequently the raid times have to be changed you will miss out so please do be flexible if you can on your times. New teams are not easy to build and if the majority of players can raid 6-9pm then that is where the new raid times will be. Don't forget to tell your friends to check the list week to week also.

Example of how we would like your hours.

I have a resto Druid available but no DPS OS. 

My ideal hours are as follows:-

Mon - 5pm - 12am (If pushed can go up to 1am)

Tues - 5pm - 12am (cannot stay longer on Tuesdays)

Wed - 5pm- 10pm

Thurs - Cannot raid.

Fri - 9pm - 12am

Sat - 3pm-10pm

Sun - 1pm - 10pm.

Please do not put all day or we will put you in either an early morning or late night raid team. Please be specific as we are a 24 hour Guild. If there is enough demand for certain days/times we will consider either setting up a new raid team . For a new team there must be at least 5 Guildees interested in raiding the same days/times before we will consider setting up a new team plus a raid leader to lead it.

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