Progression teams

(Please note all times are PST Shandris Server time.)

Team Name:  Squirtle Squad

Days: TBC

Times: TBC

Don: Rais/Tyraell aka Dave


Raiders needed? 

Team Name: TBC





Raiders needed? 

Here are some commonly asked questions about our teams. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please talk to a Don or Bluebarri. If you are unable to you can mail an officer via Guildlaunch mail. Check our roster for a list of officers.

How do I get onto a progression raid team?  Review all the current teams to see if there is a team you can committ to. Ensure you are not stretching yourself timewise or you will burn out. For example, if a team is looking for a raider 12am-3am PST and you normally go to bed 1am then it is up to to choose carefully before joining this team as you will be expected to raid till 3am! If you are constantly tired and this subsequently affects your performance or you miss raids too often (see raid rules) you will be removed from the team. If you find a current open spot that suits you please contact the Don for that team or mail us expressing your interest. If you cannot find a suitable team email with your hours. Click on example to see what information we require. If the spot has not already been filled you will be asked to try out with the team for up to 2 weeks or more.

The raid team I would like to join is all full. What do I do? If there are no open spots available but you are still interested in joining a certain raid team/s please let Bleubarri know in-game or via the email You will be placed on standby and you can fill in for them when they are short. Some teams do have spots open up regularly due to the day and times they raid. We do notify Guildees via the Guild newsletter of any open positions and in-game wherever possible and unless we get interest quickly we will recruit outside the Guild so make sure you let Bleubarri know if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for a certain team/s. This will ensure you are contacted when a raid spot is available for you.

What is the minimun requirements to join a progression or casual raid team? We have set up a special page just for this question. Please use the navigation top left or click here. You can also speak to the Don ingame for that team.

How long will I have to wait for a raid spot? To be honest it is very hard to say. Some players have been with raid teams for many months. Some spots seem to be always opening up. The best advice we can give you is to register your interest with us in a raid team/s and either fill in for them when they are short or you can pug/raid with the casual teams until a permanent spot opens up for you. It is not unknown for someone to wait 3-4 months for a raid spot, leave Guild then the following week the spot becomes available. Whoever's name is highest on the waiting list will be offered a raid spot first.

Please ensure you read the Raid and Loot rules before you accept our runs. Any questions ask in game pls.

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