Consigliere Image

A Consigliere is Co GM. They can remove players if they feel it is appropriate and promote and pretty much have the exact same powers as a GM. (Except they usually do not like to get their hands dirty tongue-out). 

If you have any issues take it to the Head of your Family. If you don't feel comfortable or the issue is with the Don themselves you can take it Alexianna, Bleubarri or Elvrin.

Alexianna is also the Guilds Banker. If you need a non urgent item you can mail her for any items in tab 1. If you are on a raid team please ask the Don for that team. If you require any thing extra over and above your allowances you must request it from Alexianna.

If you are trying to gear up Alexianna will help you but if you are an Associate we will not help you initially with expensive mats until you are promoted. This is to be prevent a player from requesting expensive mats then g/quitting or the player has no intentions of raiding with us which will not benefit the Guild at all.

If you are unhappy do not stay quiet as we would rather you talk to someone then quit/be frustated without a word. You could arrange a Hit with Godmother depending on your standing with her for the right price. :P

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