Don Corleone imageA Don aka an Officer is responsible for their own areas of the Guild that they have agreed to look after. They can invite players/alts to the guild and can promote only to the rank of Associate if you are new or if it is an alt to the same rank as your main toon. 

They will ideally set up raids/events 1 week in advance to give everyone time to accept and plan ahead if they have a regular slot event to run.

As a Don they have special access within the Guild Bank. They can help Guildees get geared up using the resources available to them, so get the best out of them! They also get a very generous gold/repair allowance per day. The allowances are offered so that they can help you as guildees without having to worry about issues of wiping plus play time lost helping other players.Don Image

A Don cannot g/kick but they can demote a player if there is an issue.

Dons can reprimand guildees with all guild related issues.

The GM's will review performances of all Dons regularly and anyone found having issues will be brought into the Godmother's office to see if we can offer them more help. If you need help The Godmother and Consigliere are here for you but please try to go to a Don first or we get overwhelmed. Do not let them down and they won't have to have you killed. 

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