Events Mafia

Mafia hosts several events. All our events are listed on the calender so it is best to check at least once a day to see if any events have been added last minute. For the most part we try to plan fun events for the Guild a week or two ahead of time in order to allow players time to sign up and we also announce them in our newsletters (check your emails). The events listed are rotated out throughout the months.

If you have an idea or would like to host your own raid/BG or fun event please speak to Alexianna, Bleubarri or Elvrin ingame. You can also create an Guild Event directly on the calender. If you need advise as to the best day/time to set up your event please ask the GM's.


Lottery BalssGuild Lottery - Every Saturday 8pm. Be a jackpot winner with our very own Lotto. Each player can bet up to 999g for every toon in Guild. The Lotto is run with an addon so your ticket numbers are issued automatically (and you don't have to write them down). In order to avoid being spammed with the numbers especially if you are buying a lot of tickets mail Elvrin your Gold overnight.  

If you are not sure if your tickets have been issued you may pst Alexxiana when she is on any of her toons and the addon will tell you your lotto numbers so please do check that she has received your gold. The winner is annouced in Guild. If you miss the results you can check the calender for the winning details. (If for any reason we are not on to start the Lottery at that time please ensure you have mailed your gold 1hr before it is due to start and we will do the lottery when we're on).

 Sometimes there are rollovers when a winner hasn't been chosen. We have had 2 big jackpot winners to date with one player winning over 52k gold.

  (Please note Mafia is a Gambling Guild. Please gamble only what you can afford to lose. If you have a Gambling problem please ask to speak to Dr.Elvrin). 

Horde Day (On Hold for now but you can still ask for an invite) - Every Monday the Alliance Guild goes Horde. If you wish toHorde Logo join our Horde Guild (Mafia II) please pst Elvirah/Nersalan. As our Horde Guild is small we will be looking to gradually build up events/runs on the calender there.

Hot or Not - Once a year we host the annual Hot or Not competition. Do you think your toon is Hot or Not? Current 2012 winner is Hellwise. 

Karaoke Night - If you wish to participate please sign up. If you wish to help judge please speak to Elvrin ingame.

Bleeper Day - Once a month we have a Bleeper day. A nominated set of word or words will be posted in MSD (Message of the Day). If you say the word/s you are fined 50g which you must pay to the Guild Bank. It's quite amusing to see Guildees get creative with words in order to avoid the fine.

HalloweenHolloween Contest - Each year we try do something different for Halloween. 2012 we held a best Halloween costume contest.

We are looking for more fun events officers. if you have any suggestion/new ideas for games/fun events please speak to one of the GM's either ingame or email with your ideas.

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