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Ensure you join the right family or watch your backs! War is coming to Mafia as the 5 families wage war on each other. More information will be released soon. Ensure you are registered in order to receive Guild newsletters. 




Godmother Elvrin

Direct your general questions regarding the Guild eg rules, Website, Facbook and Ventrillo to Elvrin.

"Guild Butterfly...yeah right!"


Coming Soon

Consigiliere Bleubarri - Raid Coordinator

Direct all raiding related questions to Bleubarri.

"The Big mama you do not want to mess with...!"

Coming Soon

Consigliere Alexxiana - Guild Banker

All banking related issues direct them to her please including gearing your characters.

"Don't steal from her or you will be sleeping

with the fishes!  Also loves Gangsters who give her Gold"


Don - Head of Family

Some Dons are raid leaders others are in charge of other aspects of the Guild. See their notes in-game. Can invite to guild

Thank you to 

fresh4u from DeviantArt.com


Henchmen - Under dogs to Dons

Officer in training. Can invite to Guild

Thank you to 

Spoonfayse from DeviantArt.com

The Tattaglia family

The Tattaglia's  

All casual & socialite players - non raiders 

Elvrin - Head of the Tattaglia Family

If you wish to move to another Family

you have to speak to Bleubarri to move to a raiding family

 Stracci Family

Stracci Family - Progression team 1

Head of family - Valcora and Hakoon


Cuneos Family - Casual team 1

Head of family to be confirmed

Corleone Family

Corleone Family - Progression team 2

Krito aka Dave - Head of the Corleone Family

Barzini family

Barzini Family - Progression team 2

Head of family Scynn

The Associate

 Associate - New to Mafia & on probation

Register as a member if you wish to receive Guild newsletters and more.

Once you have completed your probation you will move to the Tattaglia Family automatically.


5 Families




For a up to date list of officers please see ingame or under Roster. 

nb Guild repairs are subject to availability. You may be asked to blackmail, rob a bank to raise funds for the Guild bank. Caution is advised. Seek legal counsel from the Consigiliere if you are unsure how to pay your dues.

nb NOONE is better than anyone else. All ranks are equal except the bosses of course.


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em