Guild Rules

Mafia RulesFightingFighting - If someone offends you take a screenshot and report it to a Don and let them deal with it. If you are caught publicly fighting in Guild chat, vent or even outside of the Guild both offending parties will be warned and possibly banned from vent. Remember, you represent Mafia at all times. How you behave reflects on how players perceive our Guild. Do not think that just because you are in a pug raid, LFR or in a random dungeon that players will not complain to us. Players have multiple toons on many servers so mind your language and your behaviour or be dealt with Mafia style. 

Swearing - Be yourself however we do not like xxx-rated or vulgar swear words in Guild, Vent, trade or General chat channels. Harmless flirting and such isSwearing
permitted as long as you are not stalking anyone. the ODD F-bomb for example will be overlooked. We don't want to become a potty mouthed guild. 

Calendar Events – Please be courteous. Don't accept an event unless you are 100% sure of attending. If you think you may not be able to make it let the organiser know ahead of time so they can easily replace you if you don't make it. If you have accepted a run the Guild Master and Officers go to a lot of effort to make these runs possible and are giving up their own personal time to help you. If you do not appreciate it you can leave. 

Guild Bank - Withdraw only what you can use on the toon that requires it. A hunter withdrawing healing gems is a no no even if it is for your alt in guild. We don't have time to track whose alts are whose and if items are being used correctly. Read the info tabs in game in our Guild Bank for full details. We don't want any of our family members to ever be caught stealing from the Guild bank! If you are caught doing so you will be punished accordingly, and possibly /gkicked.  

Guild Bashing - Guild Wars or bashing other players in trade/general chat is not permitted in any channels except the feuds that go on in between the Mafia Families itself (which is fun only of course!). 

TrollYelling/Spamming/trolling - Yelling is not allowed! As is spamming in trade channel. Typing in caps in guild or trade is considered shouting. Anyone Mafia trollcaught yelling, spamming or trolling in trade will be issued a warning. Don't forget telling players they suck or swearing at people is also a no no. Mafia has an excellent reputation. Let’s keep it that way! Recounts - We all know you want to share your hard work and awesomeness but spamming recount in guild/raid chat sparks competitiveness that we would rather not encourage as other players will start spamming also. If you need to show an officer/fellow player, please pst them directly.

Inactivity - If you are inactive for 12 months plus we will remove you from the Guild unless you have sent either an in game mail or a mail via the website to the Godmother. If you have run out of time and therefore cannot log onto wow use our website to send a mail to Elvrin. Your toons will be Associated in order to protect the Guild Bank from being hacked whilst you are away. Please note that you will not have to re-apply to get back into the Guild. Re-admission is not guaranteed

Associate Rank - Some players are Associated when they take a break from wow to ensure our Guild Bank is not hacked. Others are Associated as disciplinary measures. If a Hitman comes on, RUN!! It means someone is about to be assassinated (/gkicked)...and not necessarily the person on the Associate list either.

Birthday Fairy - We have a birthday Fairy! If you wish to let the Guild know of your Birthday please mail Alexianna your Date of Birth and you will Fairyreceive a gift from us and we will create an announcement on our guild calendar. You may even have a party thrown to celebrate!

Promotions - Please read the Ranks section first to understand how our ranks work. If you are new to the Guild and are an Associate you will be monitored on your participation in guild. 

We have a simple 3 strikes and you’re out policy. Disobeying or breaking rules will be grounds for a warning. 3 warnings and you will be removed from the Guild. Some offences can be grounds for an immediate Guild kick but this will be decided by the GM's.

BwD - Bitch, Whine or cause Drama. Think twice before you whine about petty things to an officer. They will place you on ignore for 24hrs and that is a warning. We will listen to all genuine complaints but stop and think first are you just upset or throwing your toys out of the pram.

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