GangstaPlease ensure you claim all your toons so we know who you are plus this enables us to promote you to the correct rank in-game. We can contact you outside of the game if we need to but we do not have access to your email address or personal information.

Don't forget to check if you are able to receive Guild newsletters. You can check this by logging in if you have not done so already and clicking on your name in the top right hand corner. Select  'View PM's' and select Email Notifications. We use the Newsletters to keep you informed of any changes in-guild, exciting new events and much much more....

Awards are given for various deeds such as being Loyal to Mafia, helping others or donating useful items to the Guild Bank. Points = Prizes. Once your points are used they will be reset to zero.

100 Points = A mount from the Blizzard store.

75 Points = A Blizzard store pet.

50 Points = An ingame Mount.

25 Points = An ingame pet.