Raid Rules

Respect your family imageThese are our progression & casual raid team rules. If you are unclear about anything please speak to the Don or Henchman for that team or Bleubarri.

Accepting runs – If you are on a progression team please ensure you accept your raid team invites on the calender 3 days before the raid day. If you are not 100% sure if you will be able to attend please discuss this with your Don or MAIL them telling them your reason/s. A Don has the right to replace a core team member if they do not accept the raid invite 3 days before the raid this will count as a strike unless you have made them aware of why you are not attending. This is to ensure they can plan for raids to take place without any delays and find the appropriate class/role and skill level for the team. If you are on a casual team you must be accept 24hrs before the raid or pugs will be recruited to fill any open spots.

Fill-ins - If would like to fill-in for a progression team you are welcome to sign up for a team as long as your toon has earned the appropriate rank for that team ie you must be accepted into the Family. If a progression team needs you, you will be allowed to role on loot like any other player. Please ask the raid leader for the Loot rules as rules can vary for each progression team. We will be listing them too on the website soon. 

Permanent progression spots on Mains - It is up to you the Raider to earn a permanent spot on a team. If the Don feels you are not keeping up with the rest of the team or you continuously break rules you can be demoted to casual raider or only as fill in for a progression team. Earning a raid rank does not automatically guarantee you a raid spot on a team.

Casual raiders - To raid on a casual team you must show that you have basic raid awareness. You will be tested through Casual Mafia dungeons or content equivanlent to raids such as a Mythic Dungeon. To reserve your spot on a casual team sign up. If you have only 1 main toon that you wish to raid on we suggest you reserve your spot on a casual team by signing up as soon as the event is up on the calender. If you are a Hunter for eg. and 5 other hunters sign up also we will only take the first one or two players who signed up first. It is up to the Don if he allows extras classes in. 24hrs before the raid the raid leader will close of the team and fill the team with pugs from outside the Guild. You have the flexibility to come and go as you choose but you must accept if you want to be confirmed. You may put tentative if you are not sure but we cannot plan a raid team on tentatives so put tentative if you are not sure of your plans then ask the Don/Bluebarri to change it to accepted. Do not remove and accept as your date/time stamp will be lost and you may be at the bottom of the queue. If you are a tank for eg. the first 2 tanks to sign up will get in. A 3rd tank will be placed as standby unless you have an off spec. If you wish to bring an alt in then we suggest you sign up with that alt also at the same time to reserve a spot at least. We operate these teams on a strictly first sign up, first in basis. This is to reward players for signing up early and casual teams are alot harder to plan since they are not a fixed team. You can raid with as many teams as you wish with the same toon even if you so desire. You must however keep up with the minimum requirements in terms of skill/gear. Please check the notes for details. 

No showNo Shows – No show after you accept on the calender means a strike unless you explain the next time you log on why you are were not able to attend. Valid reasons such as emergencies, i.e. house burning down, are permitted of course but 'Oh I forgot!' or 'I was on another alt' are not acceptable. 3 Strikes and you may not be allowed to sign up for guild events. Persistent no shows and a Hitman will come after you!!

Invites - For all runs you must show up 15mins before the run or you may be replaced with a standby.

Preparation – Preparation is key to progression. You must come fully prepared for the raid. Read and/or watch the fights, bring your own buff food, potions and flasks and especially please come repaired. If you come to a raid without these the Don can replace you if they so choose. This goes for casual and progression teams. Please do some basic homework to enable casual teams to go a little faster and smoother. 

Breaks - Breaks of between 5 - 10mins will be given during the raid. If you persistently take long breaks the Don can replace you and may even consider kicking you out of the team.

"If you don't like these rules get a union rep. and we'll kill him and you too".

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